We know what it’s like to wake up with your body covered in bites and you try to report it to the LL or the hotel management and they simply do nothing.

We know of the anxiety, the sleeplessness, the massive inconvenience, the stigma, and the emotional distress that’s related to being exposed to a Bed Bug infestation.

Even worse, we know the helplessness that you feel when you’re unable to protect your family when you’re being repeatedly bitten and traumatized by a Bed Bug infestation.


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Park La Brea apartments loses
bedbug lawsuit

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Notable Verdicts

  • $641, 750 – McKindra v. Heritage Inn of Rancho Cucamonga, Inc. – Verdict
  • $3,538,811 – Hsu v. PLB Management – Verdict
  • $463,600 – Reynolds v. 12300 – 12301 Osborne Place LLC- Verdict
  • $1,603,000 – Martinez v. Amusement Six Apartments, LLC- Verdict

The Bed Bug Epidemic is Growing.

“The number of bed bug infestations in the United States is still rising,” says Dr. Tim Husen, an Orkin entomologist. “They continue to invade our homes and businesses on a regular basis because they are not seasonal pests, and only need blood to survive,” he says. — from the 2018 list of top 50 bed bug cities from Orkin, LLC

Bed bug infestation reports keep coming, from across the world, and here in all 50 of the United States. In the news:

Study names Top 15 bed bug cities in U.S. “ Bed bugs continue to increase their presence across the U.S.,” said Stoy Hedges, an entomologist with Terminix. “While major metropolitan areas are most at risk, it is important to note that bed bugs have been spotted in cities and towns across the country.” — from the 2012 list from Terminex
Where you are at risk:

  • At Home
  • At Work
  • In Hotels
  • Retail Stores
  • Rentals Cars
  • On an Airplane, Train or Bus

Get Legal Help From the Best

Our firm has represented hundreds, if not thousands of people experiencing bedbugs. Bedbugs don’t discriminate, they affect people from all walks of life. One common theme is that bedbugs are a traumatic experience for anyone that has to experience them.

Our office has been specializing in bedbug litigation for over seven years, since the resurgence of bedbugs came to the forefront in America.

We are one of the only firms in the Country who are willing to take these cases to trial, so that jurors can understand just how much suffering is involved with exposure to bedbugs.