Have you been exposed to bed bugs?

Bed bugs don’t discriminate. They can affect anyone regardless of race, age, economy, or any other human attribute – all they care about is blood!  This means that bed bugs can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

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Hotels & Motels

Bed bugs are pesky insects that don’t care if a hotel is 1 or 5 stars.  They hitch rides where they can and make new homes in headboards, mattresses, box springs, pillows or anywhere the human head rests for long periods of time.

Have you recently stayed in a hotel? 

Do you think you have encountered bed bugs?

Homes & Apartments

If you’re renting a home or apartment then you understand the place your renting has been rented before you and may adjacent to connected units. It’s incumbent upon your landlord to provide you a clean and safe home or apartment.

Do you think you have encountered bed bugs?

Is your landlord delaying or not even trying to treat your home or apartment?


Renting furniture can be an affordable a path to ownership however, most of the furniture you’ll be renting is used and came from an unknown environment. Your bed, your sofa, your chair etc carries a high risk of bedbug exposure.

Do you think your rental furniture has bed bugs?

Nursing Homes & Healthcare Facilities

There will come an unfortunate time where you or a loved one is admitted to a longterm nursing home or long term healthcare facility to support their wellness. Longterm Nursing homes and health care facilities are continually move patients around as well as in and out of the facility. This high movement of patients increases the probability of being exposed to bed bugs – even if the best of facilities.

Do you think you have encountered bed bugs?

Dorms and Camps

When you drop your children off at their dorm or overnight camp you expect that environment to be clean, safe and clear of bedbugs.

As a parent or caretaker the last thing you want is your child coming in contact with bedbugs and suffering from pain and embarrassment of that encounter.

Do you think your child has come in contact with bedbugs?


Cruises can be the perfect getaway for family and friends however, a cruise trip can be quickly ruined by being exposed to bed bugs in your cabin.

Do you’ve been exposed to bed bugs?