Brian Virag – Million Dollar Verdicts for Bed Bug Infestations

Brian Virag - My Bedbug Lawyer

The lawyer found his niche in bedbugs and turns ‘Ewww!’ into big-dollar jury verdicts. Brian Virag, an Encino attorney, found his calling in litigating bedbug lawsuits and helping individuals and families affected by the trauma caused by a bedbug infestation. Exclusive interview with the LA Times describes how he does it!

Hugo Martin, the Business Writer for the LA Times, engaged Brian Virag, preeminent specialty lawyer, in an exclusive interview. Summarization follows:

For the last 8 years, Brian Virag, an Encino attorney, has specialized in bed bug lawsuits. This second generation lawyer was approached by individuals and families suffering from deplorable living conditions and financial hardship due to an invasive pest referred to as a bedbug.

Having eked out a living as a general lawyer and then later as a criminal defense lawyer, Virag found that crime defense doesn’t pay all that well. What the public really needed was a specialty lawyer that could litigate bedbug cases. Bedbug complaints were on the rise and he made the decision to fill the void and provide a voice for those who didn’t have one.

The education of a bed bug lawyer begins with education on the pest. By consulting with entomologists, dermatologists, and pest control experts, Virag was able to immerse himself in order to familiarize himself not just with how to survive infestations, but identification and prevention techniques as well.

Virag’s evolving litigation methods shifted from a medical-based perspective to focus on the psychological and emotional trauma each plaintiff experienced.

Several recent big wins have put My Bed Bug Lawyer, Inc. on the map. Brian Virag and his team are diving right in and racking up one win after another.

Apartment owners, in particular, are being forced to pay attention because regardless of whether the tenant introduced bedbugs into the building or not, the landlord has a responsibility to make the dwelling habitable, which means the landlord would likely pay for the extermination and costs associated with it.

Virag is currently representing a woman who said she was bitten by bedbugs while staying at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim in April. The strategy is the same even when going up against an entertainment giant such as Walt Disney Co. – The strategy here is that you get 12 people together in a jury, and they evaluate the case based on the merits; it doesn’t matter who it is.

Now they call this bedbug litigation expert a genius.

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