As Travel Opens Up – Bed Bugs Are Waiting For You!


Over the course of the past year since Covid-19 “quarantine”, the travel industry has seen a sharp decline in travel.  However, as vaccines become more readily available and Covid-19 fears starting to settle down, people want to travel.  In fact, people can’t wait to get out.

The mental health toll that Covid-19 has created for both parents and children is still hard to gauge.  But one thing we know for sure is that people want a change of scenery.

They have been locked down in their homes for over a year.  And the bed bugs haven’t been feeding as regularly because of the decrease in travel.

Here is the punchline…as people begin to travel again, bed bugs are ferociously hungry and waiting for you and your family. There is no evidence to support that bed bugs are affected by Covid-19, except for the fact that they have not had the regular meals of travelers while they sleep.

The scary part is that bed bugs can live up to 12-18 months without feeding, which means that the bed bugs have not gone away.  They are still waiting for their blood meal (humans) to return. And when travelers return, expect a sharp increase of these blood-sucking vampire bugs to enjoy a feeding frenzy on hotel and Air BNB vacationers.

At MYBEDBUGLAWYER, our offices have already seen an increase of cases being reported by hotel and Air BNB visitors.

Fortunately, there is [a solution] protection; MYBEDBUGFINDER has solved this problem.  This device is the 1st ever proactive device that enables you to check for bed bugs BEFORE you and your family become their next meal.

It takes only a couple of minutes to “wand” the room so that you and your family can Sleep Better, Sleep Safe™.


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