How to Check for Bedbugs in Hotels

Top 5 Tips!!!

  1. Before you make your hotel reservation, perform a general search on the Internet to determine if the hotel where you are planning to stay has a history of bedbug complaints.
    • Why?? This is important because bedbugs can travel from room to room if not addressed thoroughly and completely.
      Tip – You will want to check to see how recent the bedbug complaints from guests to give you an idea if the complaints are recent or an ongoing problem at the hotel.
  2. When you check-in at the hotel, specifically ask the person checking you in if they have had any recent complaints from guests at the hotel about bedbugs – Especially in the room you are assigned.
    • Why?? Because in the event that you experience bedbugs during your stay, the attorneys at My Bed Bug Lawyer, Inc. will also allege fraud and misrepresentation in the lawsuit that we will file against the hotel.
  3. Immediately upon entering the room, inspect for signs of bedbugs around the mattresses, box springs, headboards, and nightstands.
    • Why?? Looking for evidence of bedbugs, such as blood stains and black dots (fecal matter) will give you the heads-up if there is anything to be concerned about.
  4. Never unpack your clothes and place them in the dressers at the hotel. Always keep your belongings as far away from sleeping areas as possible. We recommend placing your suitcases in the bathroom or bathtub.
    • Why?? You will reduce the likelihood of taking bedbugs back with you to your home as bedbugs are “hitchhikers” and will attach themselves to luggage.
  5. If you experience what you believe to be bedbug “bites” when you wake up from sleeping, immediately document everything from the bites, to the bedbugs to the blood stains and fecal stains to capture any evidence of what you experienced. Then, immediately contact My Bed Bug Lawyer, Inc.
    • Why?? Because we are the Nations’ leading law firm specializing in bedbug litigation and can provide you with additional information to prepare your case for litigation.

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