When no one will cooperate, and all they do is blame you for their bed bug infestation, turning to My Bed Bug Lawyer is the right thing to do.

Imagine waking up one morning to find your body covered in bites and your sheets and pillows full of red and brown splotches of bed bug blood and feces while you slept. Then, in a panic, you go to do some research on your computer to figure out what could be causing this problem, only to realize that you’re now a victim of a bed bug infestation.

Now when you think of bed bugs, no one who has not been exposed to an infestation can even grasp the traumatic effect that something like this could happen to you. So you investigate further, you start checking mattresses, and headboards, and everywhere in and around your sleeping areas only to find the horror of hundreds and thousands of reproducing bed bugs waiting for you to go to sleep so they can feed on your blood and reproduce some more.

What’s even worse is when you go to your kid’s room, you find the same problem exists and not only are your children suffering from vampire bugs that suck on their blood, but you feel a sense of inability to protect them because you simply don’t have the money to get up and move to another place and the landlord won’t do anything to help you. To make matters worse, when you do tell the responsible party about the problem, they:

  • Blame you
  • Demand that you pay to fumigate the problem
  • Threaten you with eviction

Does that pretty much sum up the situation that you’re going through?

Sorry, I forgot two other realities. The first is that when you are exposed to a bed bug infestation at hotel, the first thing they do is:

  • Blame you
  • Treat you like a 2nd class citizen and offer to do nothing to compensate you for your harms.

The second is that when you have the unfortunate circumstance of buying furniture or clothes or sheets or other products that result in you having a BB infestation at your home, the retailer pretty much takes the same stance as the hotel operator and tries to

  • Blame you
  • Say it’s not their fault, and
  • Offer to do nothing.

What can you do?

if you have encountered any of these types of situations that I’ve described, please contact our offices of My Bed Bug Lawyer, and we will thoroughly evaluate your case for free.

If we do accept your case, we will not ask a dime out-of-pocket from you, ever. Our team of MBBLs will do the best we possibly can to get the most compensation, the most money, for your case that is reasonable in your situation.

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